Science Activities

Service Beakers covers a variety of lessons in our presentations and hands-on activities, including science activities from Biology and Chemistry. Learn more below.

Current Lessons

These are our current lessons, and we are working on more! Let us know if you have any suggestions!

Summer Programs

We are pleased to announce that we are hosting our summer camp in partnership with Contender Esports of Cary! View detailed information and sign up below, and make sure to use code “servicebeakers” so that a portion of the proceeds will go to crowdfunding laptops for an underprivileged school in Honduras!

School Programs

Read about objectives, lesson material, lesson schedule, and more by viewing our school syllabus.

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Start-Your-Own Initiative (SYOI)

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Core Areas

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Biology is a vast course, full of different fields. Service Beakers offers a variety of subtopics in the field of Biology. For example, hands-on activities may include observing live species and organs under a microscope, building habitats, diagnosing hypothetical illnesses, and isolating genetic material. Furthermore, we will try to cover as many fields in Biology as we can, helping your child discover what they enjoy and encouraging them to further that in their SYOI Projects. 


Math is a variety of topics that can describe objects and substances using numbers. Service Beakers is working on many presentations involving different math topics! Activities may include analysis of real-world things using math, group problem-solving, and even making shapes. Math is a very useful topic in building SYOI projects too; for example, if you needed to reduce light usage by 30%, you would need a calculation.

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Like Biology, Chemistry has many sub fields. For instance, hands-on activities may include starting and predicting chemical reactions, observing microscopic reactions, breaking down household food items, and making pickles glow! In addition, we will be teaching how to balance chemical equations, how to predict them, and having fun with them!


Computer Science

Computer science is ever-important in this growing world of technology! Service Beakers can teach in a variety of languages, like Python, JavaScript, HTML, coding blocks and more! Activities may include making games in Scratch, running simple programs in a code editor, or choosing the correct inputs or lines of code to reach a goal. We also encourage students to use computer science in SYOI, you can make useful programs and games to help your community! For example, you could code a site that tries to reach a recycling goal that users can interact with!