official Service Beakers

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

July 2021

Service Beakers has prepared both in-person or fully online lessons to suit the needs of individual schools.

  • For online lessons, we have made them as engaging, exciting, and informative while working through digital constraints. We continue to emphasize our flagship program, the Start-Your-Own Initiative, which you can learn more about here. Many schools have stated that our online substitutes have worked great!
  • For in-person lessons, we will continue to follow the guidelines of the CDC and our schools to best protect the safety of our students:
  • Keeping students at least 3 feet apart at all times
  • Requiring hand washing frequently, including entering the classroom, beginning activities, and exiting the classroom
  • Requiring masks to be worn at all times during programs
  • Requiring gloves to be worn during any and all interactive activities
  • Providing hand sanitizer to be available to students
  • Having students move around as much as possible
  • Having our classes in open-air spaces if possible, such as gyms or even outside
  • Vaccinated volunteers and students will continue to follow CDC guidance based on their situation

Thank you for your continued support during this time!

If you have more questions about this virus and the impact the pandemic is causing on our world, please visit the CDC's official FAQ by clicking the button below.