June — Laptop Initiative by the Numbers

Hello everyone! This is Joey from the Service Beakers’ staff.

For over a year, we have been delivering our over 1,000 laptops and other devices to young, deserving students that we have been crowdfunding and collecting since late 2021. In partnership with the Kramden Institute, Beast Philanthropy, and the St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Church’s Honduras Ministry, these devices have reached students in the Triangle area, Greenville, and even Honduras! 

Having recently received updates from our partners, we want to share the news with you! Let’s see this by the numbers.

In the Triangle, Service Beakers has distributed over 300 devices with the help of the Kramden Institute. Devices are given to students when they complete one of Kramden’s Digital Literacy courses. Thank you, Kramden, for your help! 

In Greenville, Service Beakers has distributed roughly 750 devices with the help of Beast Philanthropy. Beast Philanthropy gives devices to students at the local Boys & Girls Club and in school book-drives. Thank you, Beast Philanthropy, for your help!

In Honduras, Service Beakers has distributed roughly 150 devices with the help of the St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Church ‘s Honduras Ministry. They have given devices to students in three schools so far: Colegio Choluteca, Colegio Apacilagua, and Colegio Las Brisas. Thank you, St. Michael’s, for your help!

Finally, all of us at Service Beakers want to thank you for your support of our mission to advance educational opportunities! Whether you donated a used laptop or just made a small donation, every bit of assistance helped fuel our laptop program to reach as many students as possible. 

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From all of us at Service Beakers—have a great day!

Joey Milazzo

Vice President; Director of Operations and Communications

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