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As a nonprofit led by students and for students, Service Beakers believes that education is a right. We are dedicated to providing free, accessible education in the Triangle region and beyond through science activities and laptop grants for elementary and middle school studentscompletely free of cost!

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"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest"

- Benjamin Franklin

At Service Beakers, our mission is to make this investment in our youth, through our youth. Founded by high school students, we accomplish this through our 100% free science activities and laptop grants for elementary and middle school students.

Completely Free

Service Beakers ensures that every student can benefit by providing all activities and laptops completely free of charge. There is no cost to the student, parent or school —  ever. 

Engaged Learning

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Through each student chapters’ dedicated high school lesson volunteers, we prioritize active engagement for students through hands-on experiences and engaging material, improving learning outcomes and lengthening attention spans. 


Accelerating Opportunity

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As students during the pandemic, we experienced the value of accessible online learning. As a result, we believe that these resources should be available to everyone, and through Service Beakers’ laptop grant initiative, we aim to make that a reality. 


Committed to Sustainability


At Service Beakers, we ensure that our lesson and laptop grant programs extend beyond traditional education goals through our emphasis on service and environmentalism. We seek to inspire the next generation of stewards who will serve others, their communities, and the planet.

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