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Service Beakers is an independent, non-profit outreach program dedicated to an innovative, service-oriented academic program for elementary-age children throughout the Raleigh-Durham metro area. It was founded by a few high school freshmen in November of 2019, and through hard work and dedication, it was able to be fully implemented in schools across Wake County! Today, it has staff from three different high schools all united by two principles: to serve and to educate others. Through captivating presentations, fascinating hands-on activities, and our flagship “Start-Your-Own Initiative”, participating children gain a spark for scientific studies and build unique characteristics of creativity, compassion, and leadership. Learn more about how Service Beakers builds character unlike any other.


Service Beakers encourage youth to think outside the box

Taught by local high school students, Service Beakers aims to provide our live-lesson students with a fun, personalized, hands-on, and academically cultivating experience free of cost and full of value. As a service-based, non-profit project, we guarantee a positive atmosphere of support and growth for our students to thrive in. We want to bring joy for science and an attitude of compassion to every student we can.

Extended, Captivating, and Innovative Learning in Science

We make sure that our lessons are simple to understand, but also go in-depth to further the knowledge of our live students. We encourage them to use what they learned to take part in their very own service initiatives in the Start-Your-Own Initiative, which you can learn more about here. We stress the importance of education, but we embellish it with fun, safety, and collaboration!

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Please let us know if you have any questions about the curriculum or about who we are. We are always happy to answer questions and let you know why we think we will be a great program for all grades.