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Service Beakers is an independent, completely student-led nonprofit dedicated to providing free and accessible educational opportunities to elementary and middle school students in the Triangle region of North Carolina and beyond. It was founded by a few high school students in February 2020, and has since grown to multiple chapter locations in high schools across the region! Today, it has staff consists of both high school and college students all united by two principles: to serve and educate others. Through captivating presentations, fascinating hands-on activities, and our pipeline-based laptop grant program, we serve young students through education that ignites a love of learning, service, and the planet, building unique combinations of creativity, compassion, and leadership. Learn more about how Service Beakers creates opportunities that foster learning unlike any other.


Service Beakers encourages youth to think outside the box

Our completely free STEM lessons and activities are taught by a local chapter’s high school student volunteers. Service Beakers aims to provide our live-lesson students with a fun, personalized, hands-on, and academically cultivating experience free of cost and full of value. As a service-based organization, we guarantee a positive atmosphere of support and growth for our students to thrive in. We want to bring joy for science and an attitude of compassion to every student, and we also emphasize sustainability and service in our presentations. We stress the importance of learning, but also fun, safety, and collaboration!

Committed to Opportunity

Our laptop grant program ensures that even where Service Beakers’ in-person lessons are not available, young students there still have access to high-quality, interactive, and fun learning experiences. We believe that every student, regardless of background, deserves access to these learning experiences, and we believe that technology can accelerate this mission in under-served areas.

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Please let us know if you have any questions about the curriculum or about who we are. We are always happy to answer questions and let you know why we think we will be a great program for all grades.