Laptop Grant Program

The Service Beakers Laptop Grant Program aims to help bridge the digital divide in North Carolina and beyond, allowing students access to an effectively infinite number of educational opportunities. 

Service Beakers crowdsources laptops from indiivduals and corporate partners.  We then channel the devices through our three targeted grant pipelines, working with the Kramden Institute, Beast Philanthropy, and the St. Michael Honduras Mission to bring laptops to Raleigh, Greenvile, and Honduras.

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Laptop Goal 100%

Thank you all so much for your help in raising an audited value of over $130,000 worth of donations and almost 1,000 total devices for under-resourced students. Since March 2022, we been distributing these devices, delivering ~250 to students in Honduras, 300+ to students in the Triangle, and 350+ to students in Greenville (NC).

Targeted Pipeline Partners

Honduran Students holding laptops donated by Service Beakers in 2022.

The Sister Parish

Two of our organization’s co-founders, Isaac Lund and Joey Milazzo, attended St. Michael the Archangel Roman Catholic School, whose parish supports an impoverished sister parish in Honduras. Its poor yet hardworking and faithful families typically make under $80 (USD) per year.

St. Michael’s missionary work has done a fantastic job providing for this community, including its educational, medical, agricultural, and spiritual needs.

At Service Beakers, we aim to grow the educational opportunities available to students in this community by providing expanded access to technology, which can provide high-quality, far-reaching learning through sites like Khan Academy and YouTube.

Thus far, we have donated over 250 devices to students in this community. Our work still continues, so if you would like to make a donation, you can reach us at

The Kramden Institute

Service Beakers far surpassed its initial goal of 250 devices for St. Michael’s Honduras mission, which was unable to transport the excess devices. This provided a great opportunity to partner with the Kramden Institute, a Durham-based nonprofit that grants devices to underprivileged students across North Carolina. 

Service Beakers has thus far provided over 300 devices to the Kramden Institute. We are excited to support its programs such as Train the Trainer, which brings digital literacy curricula and free laptops to communities across North Carolina.

We are excited for our continued partnership with the Kramden Institute. If you would like to make a donation, please reach us at

Service Beakers’ 250+ device donation in October 2023.

An outgoing donation to Beast Philanthropy, taken in Isaac’s living room.

Beast Philanthropy

Mr. Beast, one of the world’s most well-known social media creators, also runs his own nonprofit, Beast Philanthropy. Located in Greenville and working with communities in Africa, Asia, and across the globe, Service Beakers identified the organization as an ideal partner to facilitate laptop distribution in other parts of North Carolina and potentially beyond the Americas.

 Currently, Service Beakers, through Beast Philanthropy, supports the Boys and Girls Club of Greenville with our laptop donations. We are also working to provide laptops to other organizations as we see them.

We have donated over 350 devices to Beast Philanthropy to date. We are continuing to expand our partnership, and if you would like to make a donation, you can reach us at

The Laptop Initiative Team

2023-2024 Student Leaders

Everett Brostedt

Varun Kute

Alumni Board

Isaac Lund

Joey Milazzo

Leo Ouyang

Robbie Flanagan

Thank you to all our corporate and religious crowdsourcing partners!

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