Service Beakers’ High School Chapters provide free STEM lessons and activities to elementary and middle school students in the community. They coordinate with local elementary and middle schools to present after school.

Effective, efficient presentations

Service Beakers utilizes high school chapters to effectively expand its mission of free and accessible education to communities across the Triangle region of North Carolina and beyond.

Our dedicated high school volunteers prioritize learning and a fun experience during each presentation, using activities to educate students about the pertinent topic, and offering suggestions for sustainable actions that the students can take home with them.

Leadership opportunities

Service Beakers’ high school chapters provide high school students with the opportunity to be a leader in their school and in their community. Each student leader gains access to our chapter portals, including our chapter course portal, with guidance on getting your chapter up and running, and our chapter resources portal, which provides assistance through pre-made presentations and contact lists.

These student leaders gain knowledge in managing an organization, recruiting members, and communicating with schools and other local entities. Most importantly, this all helps to serve the student leaders’ local communities.