Start-Your-Own Initiative

After participating in one of our lessons, students can perform simple initiatives of service (SYOI monthly) or even start their very own service program (SYOI+) to apply what they have learned with the help of a parent or guardian! 

Service Beakers will be there every step of the way to help! If you do have questions about SYOI, please do not hesitate to reach out to our dedicated SYOI email.


SYOI Information

SYOI Monthly

  • Each month, there will be a theme. Submit a picture of yourself performing a simple initiative of service, with up to 300 words of additional information describing what you did. 
  • At the end of the year, we will reward the best initiatives of every month, and will showcase every single submission!


  • Start your very own service program! Follow the informational guide and with the help of a high school adviser, you can make a big difference. There is no theme for SYOI+ — take it any way you like!
  • All SYOI+ programs will be shown and rewarded at the end of the year!

SYOI Monthly Theme: Landforms | April 2022

What are landforms?

Landforms are the features of the Earth’s terrain. There are four major landforms: mountains, hills, plateaus, and plains. There are many minor landforms, including canyons, basins, and more.

How can I help?

These beautiful landforms need to be preserved, and you can help! We can preserve the environment of these landforms by removing trash and staying clear of animals near these, so they can continue their lives. You could also email your town to make sure artificial water drainage does not erode any of its landforms. There are endless ways to help, so choose anything you want! If you’re stuck, feel free to email us.