End of the Year Update

Hello all!

It has been quite a while since we have last made a blog post, but we have had a lot happen! We are extremely grateful for all of the schools that have allowed us to present this year, and we are looking forward to the next month or so of presentations. 

Behind the scenes, we have been hard at work making Service Beakers better than ever. This has all been enabled by getting verified 501(c)(3) status from the IRS. Due to that, we have been able to get the following resources:

  • Google Nonprofits Program and Ad Funding
  • Yale Tsai CITY Catalyst Fund, giving $3000 to making Service Beakers better than ever!
  • Guidestar Silver of Transparency
  • Techsoup verified organization
  • 99designs’ 99nonprofits program 

All of these organizations have enabled Service Beakers to reach new heights, and we are so excited to show you what we have in store for the 2021-2022 school year.

However, this school year has been a major success as well. In the middle of a global pandemic, Service Beakers was able to teach over 2,000 students, spanning from 8 different schools, and have had nearly 50 volunteers from High Schools across the state join Service Beakers. Though we are proud of these accomplishments, we are also confident that the coming school year will be even more successful. 

Over the summer, we will still be hard at work, improving our lessons and working with teachers to hit the ground running in August. If you ever have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at our new email contact@servicebeakers.com, or email the webmaster directly at arnav.sareen@servicebeakers.com

Thank you so much for reading, and we will see you in a few months!

Service Beakers 

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